Giant Hole with Partial Scab


Apr 2, 2018
I have a disabled chicken who cannpt walk. She ended up tearing her mid-section open weveral months ago and I used iodine to repeatedly flush the wound w/ backup antibotics from the vet.

Now she has a MASSIVE scab and it can be lifted to show the hole underneath. I want to know why it hasn't healed yet, and if I should have a vet remove it and sew the hole? (Chicken don't do well under anesthesia though)


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Is the hole and scab on her breastbone? Breast blisters which can scab over and abscess can be common in lame chickens due to the pressure on the chest when they lie down most of the time. If bedding gets moist or soiled, that can add to bacteria infecting the wound. Plain old saline works well to flush out a wound. Sometimes strong antiseptics may have an adverse effect being used long term in treating wounds, and may prevent healing. So, I would discontinue any iodine or other wound cleaners, and use saline to clean it, and let it dry up. Of course if, pus or infection becomes evident, you may need to use something like Vetericyn, but saline works well.

Have you tried placing her in a chicken sling to get her up where she can sit in front of her food and water. Those can help her stay cleaner, and then she can still get to lie down to sleep or get out to move around and stretch. Here are some pictures and a video of various slings where you can attach cups of food and water:


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