GIMP Club- Novices and Experts welcome! Only Animals please!

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  1. Some links.... This is for the home page on YouTube for Gimp Tricks, these are really easy to follow. I would watch them all, starting with the beginner/basic ones just to get a nice feel for what is where. These are older, so the newest gimp might be slightly different, but still the basics are the same.

    This is for see through text, which makes a really nice watermark. Other than this, you can make anything a watermark just by lowering the opacity on the text or graphic.
  2. Seriously, following tutorials is just about the best way to learn. It can be tedious because you want to get to certain projects, but it's much better than trying to hunt around and then forgetting what you did. Just for fun, I took a coloring page of a chicken and made it glass. One of the new scripts I got from Gimp Chat. I recommend that forum as the best forum on Gimp around. Lots of tutorials and the regulars there are always coming up with new things to try out.
  3. Haha, not so sure a chicken forum is the best place for finding interest in photo editing. Come visit us at Gimp Chat.
  4. You can edit the title, can't you?
  5. Change the name to chicken computer graphics, lol
  6. Gimped a turkey day greeting! I didn't draw it, I downloaded the outline, lol.

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    The fact that you got the outlines from the internet never makes this less awesome..good job and happy thanksgiving!
  8. Here is a Christmas card I did last year, A photo enhances with some Gimp tricks.

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