8 Years
Dec 31, 2011
HI There can someone help me with sexing my chooks. Am unable to transfer my pictures from my profile page, but they are there if you go into my profile. Look forward to hearing anyone's advice.
good question unfortunately I don't know but as they haven't yet started laying am guessing 16 weeks, think the grey orpington is the oldest as she is the biggest, although the hamburg might be a similar age as she is a smaller breed?
Thanks for that. What makes you say that, is it to do with the comb or wattle?
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The Silver Spangled Hamburg depending on it's age for a rooster should have a much larger comb, and very noticeable sickles and hackles. We raised Hamburgs and the pullets took forever to begin to lay.
Here is a pic of 2 Roosters and 1 Hen that hatched in April of 2011 and pic is from Nov 2011.

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