Girls won't accept new hen, now what?


9 Years
May 18, 2010
We introduced new hen Rosie to the other four girls who are roughly the same age, about a month ago. We did things slowly and did the whole see and don't touch, etc. Our previously sweetest gal became the new worst attacker, but they are all mean. Won't let her eat or drink, and when they are in the coop together, she just separates herself to avoid attack. She is totally mellow and won't fight back, sometimes just sits down to take a little pecking. The others chase her when they are in close proximity. We give her TLC, but there will be days we are out of town that she just won't survive without food and water. Do I dare remove head hen for a few days then reintroduce her? Would that really mess things up, or would that give Rosie a fighting chance at life with our flock? The kids love her, but it must be lame to live life terrified. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks a dozen.
put her in a cage right in the center of the coop. Leave her there for 2 weeks so the flock some what warms up to her. And after that let her out, They will fight a little but not alot. Plus if you put her in a cage she can eat without being chased

good luck
How long has she been in with the others at this point? If it's been more than a few days and things are still bad, I'd cage the worst offender up in the middle of the coop. She's the dominant hen and if you knock her off her high spot it should shake up the pecking order enough to give your shy girl a chance. If she's that shy she's probably not dominant hen material, but she should take advantage of the confusion to integrate herself a bit better. Leave your bully caged up for at least ten days, then just watch when you let her out so she doesn't get picked on. I've used this approach before and brought peace back to the coop.

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