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Sep 9, 2012
I purchased 10 new chicks to supplement my 3 year old Red Sex Links this spring. I bought 5 Barred Rocks & 5 Buff Orpingtons. Here's my problem, The Red Sex Links are sweet wonderful old girls who barely make a peep. The Buff Orpingtons are probably the quietest chicken I've ever seen. However the Barred Rocks won't shut up! They're so noisy they'd put a goose to shame! I'm really glad we've got super nice neighbors or I'd be in trouble!
Anyone else ever have this problem? Somehow I don't think there's much I can do to shut them up other than ship them off! Sheesh!
hmmmmm, where shall I begin... LOL... there are a good handful of us who are BR challenged, and we all have decided it's worth all the
for all the
... try feeding them Pie, various recipes can be found on the thread titled Should I Buy Eggs or Wait it Out?
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My Barred Rock is VERY quiet. She never even makes a peep. My Red Sex Links are noisy noisy noisy when they think I have food or after I give them treats and then stop and walk away. They try to make demands ;)

My Easter Egger SCREECHES all the time. All the time. It's insane. She's sooo noisy. And my Australorp is pretty noisy as well, but not to my EE's extent.

I think it depends on where the chicken is in the pecking order as well as their personality! Because my Barred Rock is bottom and my EE and Australorp are top.
I had one that was super noisy as a chick.. Very loud.. Found out later that "she" was a "he"...
So that's always a possibility.. Both my barred rocks as chicks and even now are pretty quiet unless they are wanting out of their run.
My BR and two BR mixes....are rediculous. They always have an opinion, and refuse to keep it to themselves. The BR is about 2 yrs old and talks so much she's hoarse by the evening when we lock up the coop.
I tried bubble gun & it didn't work. Now they blow all of their squawking into one big bubble & when the bubble pops it all comes out at once really loud in one big cacophony!!!
Chickens chewing gum... got to put all those teeth to good use!

Like Cheeka said, there is definitely a trade off for keeping the BRs - noise for personality! I have one BR and she talks to me constantly anytime I'm in her sight, which is constant since she follows me around. Very friendly girl, though, so a keeper.

Noise? I'm not making noise! Just sharing the latest gossip.

Ha! Yep. Spot has been informed no dentures when she loses those hen's teeth. Can't imagine how irritating it would get with her clacking them at me all the time.
She has decided to switch to switch to sugarless gum.

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