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Dec 27, 2007
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Someone please instill some hope in me.

I have 8 eggs left in the bator that might be developing. I tossed 10 yesterday. Is there a chance I might end up with babies after all? Even though so many were damaged in shipping, is there still hope for some hatching? If these are developing, do you think they'll be normal or will the shipping issues cause abnormalities even though they are growing?

So much is running through my brain today.
This sounds similar to us. I have a dozen eggs from one person and 8 from another. Last night I took 10 out and there are 2 more that I don't think are developing, but seemed a little darker than the other 10. My guess is they started to develop and then stopped. I will give them a few more days, just in case.

The other 8 look good. Well, as much as I can tell. I am a newbie too. I think those 8 have a good chance, just like yours.

Curiously, out of the dozen (BLRW), they arrived in one day, they are the 8 that are doing well, and 2 that are maybe's. The 8 that arrived from another shipper were all clear. They took 3 days (got lost) and were also blue/black orps, which I have heard don't do well with shipping. That certainly held true for mine.
As I thought about it last night, mine all came during some pretty bad winter weather. So I think cold had something to do with it.

I'm so sorry about your losses. It's an awful feeling, isn't it? So discouraging. I'm trying to hold out hope that these beautiful babies can still hatch. I hope we are both celebrating in a couple weeks!

What day is it for you? Today is 7ish for me.
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I just candled my shipped eggs and well....they are not looking good either!!! Most of them look clear and they all came from other BYC members so i don't know about shipping eggs either. These are buff orpingtons . I am so disappointed!!! Good luck with yours I am leaving mine in for a few more days ... just in case
I knew at day 7, but waited a little longer, just in case. Today is day 13 for me, so I took them out on day 12. I will give the two maybe's a couple more days. If nothing, they will come out too.

I was curious, I cracked open all the ones I tossed. How can I tell if they were fertilized? I did notice a brown spot or a few brownish specks in some.
Last month I had only 4 out of 12 shipped eggs hatch. The weather was extremely cold while they were in transit. The good news is that the 4 that hatched are all healthy and happy! I have 14 shipped eggs in the bator right now. I started with 17 (15 shipped and 2 from my coop). The 2 from my coop were duds. I had to toss 1 shipped egg. They are on day 19. Last night I candled. All had development and took up the whole shell except for the air cell. 4 showed definite movement. There is hope!!
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I opened all of mine for learning purposes. It was difficult for me because all but one of my yolks were broken, but if yours are intact, you should hopefully be able to find the bullseye. Two of mind had brown specks, too.

Jody, that's great! I'll hope for a good outcome, then!
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