Give me some breeds! What should I get?


10 Years
Jul 13, 2009
Okay, I'm going to be heading to the "chicken breeder" county to purchase some chicks (and I'm looking towards some breeders here too).
I have a few things that I need out of my chickens-
1st Docile
2nd Calm
3rd Lays pretty well
4th Is not too terribly reliable on people
I have a few breeds picked out, but I was hoping I could get some of your opinions. Thanks!
We have red and golden sex-link hens. All of the girls are very friendly, lay large eggs, and started laying pretty early. I think all of the sex-link breeds are very nice reliable birds.
Buckeyes would fit what your looking for
I have red stars, black star, rhode island reds, and easter eggers, all born last 8-17. The stars started laying first right about the first week of January. Next, the RIR started laying and finally the EE. I got the EE just for the novelty of colored eggs, but in hindsight, colored eggs aren't exciting for very long. Their eggs are much smaller and they don't lay as often, but I am hoping the eggs will get bigger as they get older. I would choose the stars myself, although both them and the RIR are supposed to average 5 eggs a week. They are also all docile and very cold hardy. Have fun!

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