Giving a Bantam a Bath?


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15 Years
Aug 19, 2008
I was wondering, how do you give a Bantam Cochin hen a bath properly? I just want to clean her stomach/feet area because it's really muddy today and she hasn't had a bath in a while.

But right now it's 38*F outside, so if I gave her a bath, would I have to make sure she's completely dry before bringing her outside? Is there a risk of her getting a cold after taking a bath (and after blow drying her and everything)? What could we use to bathe her? What type of shampoo would work? I've heard of dog shampoo that we could use that is safe (at least for Silkies it is), but does that cover all the brands of dog shampoo? We do have Johnson's Tear-Free baby shampoo, so could we use that? And about how long should we keep her inside before letting her go back outside?

(also, my dad is concerned about using the sink/bathtub because he thinks that some of her feathers are going to go down the drain and clog it up.
Any advice about this?)
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