Glade Candles Auction


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
Upstate NY
Here I am selling a lot of Glade candles. I know something like this is weird for here, but I figured it's worth a shot! To help me pay for some of the eggs I want to buy!!

There are 5 different tins/candle holders. Each has 1 refill inside. And then there are 10 packs of refills. There are 2 french vanilla, 2 dewberry, 2 apple cinnamon, 2 angel whispers, and 2 ocean blue. If you prefer more/less of a certain scent, please let me know! And then there is 1 Lasting Impressions Scented Oil Plug In. Retail value is probably $50-$60.

Shipping will be calculated by zip code. The package weighs 3 lbs 15 oz and will be coming from 12160, plus delivery confirmation. You choose the method of shipping (parcel post or priority) If you need a shipping quote, please PM me.

Thanks alot! If this does well, I have other items I'll put up for auction as well.

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Wow, that is a good deal. If I didn't make candles I would get them. Those glade candles are really good!
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Looks like shipping will be about $10.70 Priority. I've done a bunch of quotes for people and the difference between parcel post and priority is pennies... But if you'd like me to check your zip anyway, feel free to ask!

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