Global warming?(not a serious discussion)

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    As I sit here and type this at 10:04PM eastern time, the thermometer reads 4 degrees. There is a stiff 20MPH wind out of the west. Snow was flying a short time ago when I went out to check on my chickens.

    The TV just got done telling me all about the cold weather gripping the Midwest and the Northwest. Just last week it snowed in New Orleans.... Did global warming do an about face? It seems like it's either way above normal anymore, or way below. Normal is never "normal!"
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    That is why i think it's a bunch of bunk.
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    It just seems like it's never "normal" anymore. I remember hunting a couple years ago in shirt-sleeves around this time. Today I was out doing the chickens in a ski mask and my old wool coat. I think it's fascinating how weather works.
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    Global Climate Change
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    Something like that...[​IMG] I just remember the old weather book I used to have where the author was fearful we would be "plunged into an ice age in the next two to four-hundred years."
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    This is why the term has been changed to "climate change" rather than "global warming". Warming isn't the problem as much as the rapid and drastic swings out of "normal".
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    No response.
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    Quote:DOH!! That's a response!! Gotcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Nov 25, 2008
    well, wasn't the government warning everyone about global cooling in the 70's? They just need something to be worried about. The earth is just like anything else, it goes through cycles... Since it's not a serious discussion I will step off of my soap-box and leave it at that. [​IMG] But I never know what it will be like out side, some days in the 70's other days it doesn't get above freezing - crazy!! [​IMG]
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  10. So we can stop worring about "the Greenhouse Effect" now? [​IMG]

    Maybe the "Icebox effect'.: [​IMG]

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