Gluten/soy free chicken feed recipe help


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Jan 15, 2014
Juneau, AK
I'm trying to come up with a gluten/soy free feed for my chickens. I'm also looking into fermenting and/or sprouting seeds but am starting here first with a recipe. Do any of you have any advice on this recipe? I altered it from a non gluten free recipe I found. Any nutrition holes I need to fill? It's still a lot of money though over $1/lb a little more than the feed I've been buying but I think getting these allergens out of the feed is important for my family to fully enjoy the eggs and meat from our chickens.

All ingredients organic

3 parts corn
6 parts milo
2 barley
1 sunflower seeds
1 millet
1 split peas
1 lentils
1 sesame seeds
1/2 flax seeds
1/2 kelp granules

Thinking about adding spelt in for some of the milo but it was a lot more expensive
I'm guessing this is for a dual purpose flock?

Do you know the protein percentage? Calcium percentage? How about those pesky amino acids like methionine and lysine?
chickens are omnivores and the eggs and meat would not contain any gluten or soy...just curious but why would you want to do this ? you can buy Non GMO feed if that is your concern cheaper than trying to mix a proper blend that covered all the bases.
I understand that the meat and eggs wouldn't contain gluten but if allergens come through in breasrmilk I don't see why it wouldn't in eggs or meat. I would just prefer to feed them the same safe foods I feed my family. They already eat a non gmo organic feed and it's costing a lot of money

I haven't looked into the nutrient levels just tried to adapt a recipe to fit our needs
ok was just curious....if you research a bit more I think you will find that unlike milk the allergens dont enter the meat or eggs...I will see if I can find some studies for you... that may make you feel a bit better, and yes NON GMO feed is almost twice the cost here but if it is a concern then worth it.....mixing your own feed and getting proper nutrition for your chickens is a difficult process
You will spend more and have a very difficult time balancing any ration you try to make at home. The vitamin/mineral mix is a huge issue when making small batches of feed, for example. Better you spend time finding a commercial feed that's fresh and feed that. You recipe isn't going to work. Mary
I am gluten free person and so is our family, so I too would like to have a gluten free mix for my chicken too. That said the mix that I use for my chicken has wheat in it and we don't have any reaction to the eggs we eat from them. I supplement their diet with extra gluten free treats like kale, blue berries, which makes our spoiled girls very happy. As far as eating the chicken you raise will be superior meat to anything in any store. I don't think the gluten proteins' can be gotten from the meat of the chicken. The only problem I can see is what I get when I pour the chicken feed in their containers the dust flies up and I get a stuffy nose. My husband gets nasty rash from the chickens when he holds them or is scratched by them, however he enjoys being with them as they calm him from a stressful high tech-weenie job. Gluten is mainly a problem when you ingest it directly from the grain so just don't eat the chicken feed.
Also, wear a good dust mask when handling the chicken feed; inhaling the dust and grain mite stuff isn't helpful. The meat and eggs are gluten free, but not the feed and dust. Mary

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