GLW Roo? My neighbors will pounce if they hear a crow!


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I have three chicks we brought home from the feed store in early April (2010). (my first) I have always noticed this one was larger, and bossier. (thought she may be a rooster)
Then she was the last to feather. (again maybe a rooster)
Now she has grown wattles and comb well ahead of the other two girls (rooster?)
LOL). When the other two don't show much of anything. She is gorgeous!
Everyone thinks so. But alas the problem, I have crumby neighbors who get the cops called on them all the time. I am afraid if they hear a crow they will call the city before I get a chance to rehome just because they can
. So hoping if we can get a good idea I can find Him? a home now. Though no sign of crowing! One point for me right? LOL

Thanks for being interested!
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Yep. Looks similar to my GLW cockerel that was supposed to be a female. Mine is a month older than yours, but was about that age when we figured it out. We had help of course because the sister GLW the same age looked very different. Mine was also the bossiest of all. He is gorgeous and I REALLY don't want to have to re-home him, but my only other option is to have him caponized before he starts crowing, which can be costly and/or risky and might now even prevent him from crowing. The good news is you should still have some time to sort it out before he pipes up. Sorry!
OH Boo!
So sad. It was my first choice! I would have gotten all three glw if it were not for the kid factor, I wanted them to be able to tell them apart at all times. Now I'll have to give him up. Of course his leaving will have my flock looking plain. hhhmmmm. Hubby says not to worry just keep him for now.
What a sweet guy! ANY chance it is a hen?

Chicks~ We are in the same boat! Luckily you still will have a glw. What you see in my photo is all I have so don't know what I'll do after I find a home. I have been asking around for a while now feeling out how hard it would be. But what to do? My flock will be at a loss. My kidOs will be bummed, as I am. Of course now the feed stores have stopped selling so I can't go back for another pair of chicks. Darn. I am really nervous about buying a bird from someone (disease or bugs).
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