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Apr 9, 2013
Hi all you fellow chicken readers. My wife and I have been raising chicks for a little while and introduced into the new coop. Two weeks ago, but we're still having some issues and I feel as if I've done's something wrong. For one, we can get them to come in the Coop at night, even with the red light on . There's also a light in the Coop, but with all this. They preferred the huddle in this corner, and wait for us to come and pick him up. It gets a little annoying. I thought chickens were smarter than this. Even when it's raining go sit in the same corner and wait for succumbing to come up. This is much interesting. So what are we doing wrong is it a matter of time, or is there something we can learn to help them. Anyone out there with suggestions. It would certainly be appreciated. Thanks a lot your fellow chicken readers at blooms-n-bees.
This is completely normal, I have to do this with my chicks until they get the idea, chicks don't usually roost until they are 12 weeks or older, so it's normal for them to go to a corner to sleep. They huddle out in the rain because they don't know what else to do, and your the person they trust. Chicken ARE smart, mine prove that everyday, they are just an animal of habits.
Thanks, everybody. I appreciate your response. We will try some of your suggestions. I do hate the thought of locking them up in their Coop for couple of days, they love their run. It's all full of vegetations and they eat every plant growing in their height in the tall grass and do the weirdest things. It is quite the site to watch, but we will keep at it, training them to go back in their Coop.. Thanks
We're new as well and our 4 chickens did the same thing every night~huddle up on the floor of the run. So we were carrying them up to their coop each night for several weeks until they finally got it! We we're so excited to peek out at 7 p.m. and see that our pullets had put themselves to bed for the first time! So I guess it just takes time??
We are so grateful for the response to our post. I just came back from our Coop and they were all inside so it was very nice not to have to pick them all up and put them through the door. But they were not happy at all when I turned the Coop light off. They screamed in rage that I had turned the light off, you would think somebody was in there butchering them. There is a LED nightlight that comes on when the main light goes off. Just enough light from what I've read, to give them comfort. So has anybody else experienced this with the screaming that chickens made when the lights goes off?.
Thanks everybody
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i'm on my third batch of chicks. they're afraid of the dark & feel exposed & vulnerable (i'm doing the thinking for them aren't it?
) their instinct tells them they want to cuddle under a big warm mama. I have kept a low light in their coop, sorta like a night light. they quiet down quicker & I can see them more readily when I check on them in the night.

mine huddle in a corner of the coop in the shavings for quite awhile before they decide they would rather get up on the roost.

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