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May 20, 2017
Hi! This is the place you can ask advice on different breeds, what breed fits your weather conditions, milk production, and how much noise you are able to handle! I'll start us off with the question...

What is the quietest breed you can think of? Oh, it needs to be heat tolerant because I'm in AZ.
I would say Alpines are very quiet, I have two half Nubian half Alpine does, and they only bleat occasionally. I am thinking that it is the Alpine side that quieted them down, because I have three purebred Nubians that are extremely noisy. They seem to be heat resistant, I haven't noticed any problems from them, and Alpines are VERY good milkers
Thank you! That fits every need of ours! We want to breed our Nubian mixes to a quiet, heat tolerant, good milking breed but we've been having trouble finding one! How does the milk taste? Is it creamy and sweet or does it taste more "goaty"?

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