Goat Jail (PIX)

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    When a preditor kills one of your favorite animals, it really gets you thinking about security!

    Well, it is not much to look at. But, it is very strong and hopefully secure.

    Here is the front while it was still in the process of being covered with a double layer of chicken wire.

    Here it is finished with the remaining three kids inside.


    Around the bottom there is a layer of pallets, then inside there is a layer of double chicken wire, wired on the metal framework. The doors are covered with a double layer of 1/4 inch hardware cloth. On the top, half is a layer of 2inch by 4inch stock fencing with chicken wire on it, the other half is 1 inch ply wood secured with heavy duty wire, bolts and nuts. To hold it in place are heavy duty metal fence posts. It is not going anywhere!

    This will be their "nite nite" bed. It is pretty big really, about 8ft x 8ft. The kids have plenty of room.
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    Apr 9, 2011
    Great job!!!
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    I Love This!!!
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    Thanks!! My friend Maggie and her gardener got it all set up yesterday.. I just helped a bit with putting on the hardware cloth on the doors today.

    Mind you all this was built in 110 to 112 degree heat!! UGH!! [​IMG]

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