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    Mar 26, 2009
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    oK, I broke the cardinal rule of goatkeeping and brought home a goat without having anything ready. She is a two year old LaMancha, pregnant with her first kid(s). I had been wanting to get a couple of goats, but figured we'd take one step at a time and get established with the chickens and ducks first. Then she came along yesterday and we are totally unprepared. She is so lonesome right now, but I figured when the kid(s) are born in June, she will hopefully be ok. Is that too long for her to wait for caprine company? Anyhow, she is currently housed in our barn, but I have no clue what type of fencing to put up. I need something super-easy for novices who have no clue which end of a hammer to use. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We have five very young children, so I am hesitant to use anything electrified at this point in time. Please help! [​IMG]
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    Sep 9, 2008
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    I have my goats in with my chickens and so forth. It's a large lot and it's primarily dog pannel (what I call dog pannel) Not chain link. it's about 5 feet high with the smal 2 inch by 1 inch rectangular weave. My goats haven't gotten out once. It's got the large wooden posts in the front and the metal posts in the back. There is plenty of shade and dog houses, goat houses, and we just put up a goat shelter for birthing last weekend. Everyone is happy, healthy and silly.

    I would suggest getting her a friend goat however. Maybe a wether or something.
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    First off CONGRATS on your new goat. I love my La Manchas and they are really good goats. I personally have made my goat pen out of cattle panels. its worth the money in the long run as it wont sag and fall down in the years to come. I would get her a friend as she will only get more lonely and cry longer. With her pregnant she needs good feed like oats, alfalfa pellets or hay and goat chow. Dont start feeding her sweet feed it will pack on the pounds and corn isnt good either. With the cattle panels its a few t-posts and wire or clips and walaa you got a pen together. IF she is tame or leads well take her for walks to browse and eat something and its good exercise for her also. She should have a buddy as its still 2 mths till June. JMO
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    May 24, 2007
    Welcome to the wonderful world of being owned by goats! Congrats on your new girl... we do need pictures you know? [​IMG]

    I also would suggest you get her a friend sooner - June is an unbearably long time away for a goat to be without company.

    Follow chaty's advice on the feed.

    Do the fence right the first time.. it will save you money, time and possibly heartache. Goats are VERY hard on fencing: they climb on it, try to push under it, rub across it and try to shove their heads through it.
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    May 14, 2008
    They sell 330 feet of 4 foot tall woven wire GOAT fencing at Tractor Supply for about 280.00
    You could put it up with T posts or wooden posts. That would make a pen up to 82 feet wide and 82 feet long. Seems sufficient for a couple goats along with the barn.

    I am trying just 17 gauge Aluminum wire electrified with a charger. 4 or 5 strands starting at 4 inches off the ground then 9 inches and so on. I will do this as perimeter fencing around the whole place so they can have the run of the place.
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