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Apr 1, 2018
I have a 2 year old female goat with scours since about 24 hours ago. She is newly purchased and previously lived on only browse or forage plants. I have been feeding her grain and I think i overfed her. I checked her temperature and it is normal at about 102.8 and I gave her homemade electrolytes (water, salt, baking soda, and honey mixture). She is very eager to eat browse plants or veggies but will not eat hay at all. She seems fine and not lethargic or anything and her tail is starting to stand up again rather than being tucked but she is still squirting everywhere :barnie I do not want to worm her yet because im afraid it will make her worse. I dont think she has a gut infection because she has no fever. There is a little blood and mucus in the poop but I suspect its more due to irritation. The quantity of the poop is less than yesterday but it is still very watery. She is drinking some on her own. I dont know what else to do short of worming her. Please give me suggestions.


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Jul 16, 2015
Grain can kill goats quickly. I don't feed mine grain. You should always start small and slowly increase the amount if you feel you must feed it. Offer fresh clean hay. It will eat it when hungry. You can also offer some browse like willow branches or Apple trees. I would offer free choice baking soda as well to keep digestive troubles away.


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If she got too much grain she will be suffering from acidosis. It can be mild or severe. She needs some sort of an antiacid. Pepto Bismol works as well as anything. Offer baking soda free choice. Has this goat been vaccinated for entertoxemia? If she were mine, I would give her some penicillin for a few days. Penicillin is effective against the clostridial bacteria that cause entero.

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