goat with hard udder

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    Nov 12, 2007
    I posted earlier about my goat having a hard udder on one side (3-14). She is not resonding to the massage or milking. I was wondering if I should tape the good nipple so the baby can only nurse on the hard side. I only get about 12-15 good squirts of milk out of the hard side when I milk her twice a day. I was wondering if I do tape her nipple what type of tape should I use? She was tested for mastitis and CAE and was negative for both. Also what could have caused this problem? Will she do this every time she kids? What about her babies -- Will they also have this problem (genetic in nature)?
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    Jul 1, 2007
    I'm sorry I can't help! Goats are not my thing....

    Cupidsdelite raises, milks and shows Nubians. Maybe you can PM her?
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    I do not have enough experience with this to have absolute thoughts but can give some ideas I've heard from others.

    So you know it's not CAE or mastitis then I'd suggest trying the taping idea and see if it helps by getting the kid to nurse on the hard side. You do want to make sure that the kid is getting enough milk since you were having issues getting much from that teat.

    I've been told that using hot, wet compresses may help. Get a towel wet and very warm and hold it on that side.

    I would also suggest going to this goat site for help if the goat people here don't see this and respond: http://thegoatspot.net/phpbb/index.php

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    If you want to tape it get teat tape from Caprines Supply they sell it and its not expensive. I have used it when I have goats that have singles and they want to only nurse 1 side.
    Its a cloth type of tape with air holes in it and stays on really well...If not go to Wal-mart and get either a cloth type tape or the paper tape in the pharmecy. Also when you tape the teats tape from the top of 1 side down to the end and up the other side. make sure there isnt any wrinkles in the teat either.
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    I agree with Chaty on the cloth tape - I get mine at the first aid area and it really does help train the singletons (which we get a lot of, darn it all) to use both sides of the bar [​IMG]. Bear in mind you will have to milk the taped side while the kid is 'in training' to prevent the same problem there.
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    Jan 31, 2009
    just a note to say you can get hard udder in CAE neg does ...

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