Goats are in Labor


9 Years
Mar 12, 2012
Middle Georgia
Two of my goats are in labor and I just want to keep checking on them, but I also have a class at 9am in the morning and need sleep. It's hard to sleep though when I'm excited about goat kids! Mostly just wanted to ramble because I'm very tired from a rough night with my son last night and now being up with the goats. Plus I have a pig very close to giving birth too. So much going on in the middle of the night. Here's a pic of the goats from a month ago. I only have current rear end pics of them. Lol. And the pig a couple days ago. They are Remy, Diva, and Eliza. Eliza is also a young pig, I'm told around 8 or 9 months, so that makes me nervous as well. I just picked her up about a week ago.
pregnant goats.jpg
pregnant pig.jpg
I hope all goes well for your pig and goats! We used to raise goats and those little babies are so much fun.
I slept for four hours and they're still in early labor. Just furiously chewing their cud and staring off. Last year when I noticed ligs gone on Remy, she kidded five hours later. Their udders are so tight and full. I'm sure this is the real deal. They are just taking their merry time.
Remy had her twins, boys, and then tried to steal all the babies. So we had a bit of drama and then had to build a quick second shelter. Hopefully we're good now. I'd never had two birth on the same day before and didn't realize they'd steal babies. Remy's boys are a bit stronger, bigger, and more active, so Diva's babies are worrying me a bit. Hopefully they get the hang of things soon. And no, I haven't named them. Not sure I will since I don't get to keep them. I usually give them silly nicknames when I'm going to sell them.

One more goat and a pig to go.

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