Going back into coop


6 Years
Mar 1, 2013
Every night I have to go into the coop and put my 8 week olds and 6 week olds into the coop. They go into the coop when I refill their food and water. They just run right in like no problem at all. But when its time for bed, the rebelious kids stay out. I locked them into the coop for 4 days when they first moved in and they still dont go in! Any tips?
I had a new flock that slept outside for a long time. The piled up on the porch in the front of the coop. When they got too big to roost on the porch, they moved inside. They slept in a pile on the floor for several days, before roosting. Strange.

My run is predator-proof, so I didn't worry about their safety.


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