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    Well apon discovery that my pet chickens were actually meatbirds that would slowly but surely die if not sacrificed for meat before the reaper cought up with them of his own accords, I've desided to switch them over to a broiler diet I found outlined somewhere on the web, and keep them in confinement.

    Since they were free ranged and raised as regular pet chickens for a whole month, after arriving here already a month old, I don't know how this is going to turn out. Nor do i know how my first "sacrifice" will go, or how it will taste as a finished product. But armed with the knowledge of this here community and this handy lil website, I'm sure I'll manage alright.

    Some background info

    I bought five chicks. One died a few weeks ago, my lil roo is crippled by his weightthough not big enough to eat, but the three remaining pullets are in fine shape, and have been confined and put on a broiler diet i found online. Once they get too fat to walk, I'll end them. Hopefully they will be a good eating size by then.

    I'll be updating this regularly.

    If anyone has any info or advice it would be appreciated.
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