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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by speckledegg, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. speckledegg

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    We are going out of town this weekend (and just about every weekend this month!) We are having our neighbor come over to take care of the chickens and water the garden. I'm still worried though. I'm usually in and out during the day so I let the chickens out our their tractor to free range in our fenced backyard all day. They love it and expect it. I was thinking of having our neighbor do the same. Come over in the AM, feed and water them and put them to bed at night, but now I'm getting paranoid. I do'nt THINK anything will get them. We live in a VERY residential area. Nothing comes around during the day. The neighbors have dogs, but we have a secure fenced yard. At night I know we have racoons, but they are not even a huge problem. I'm just worried about the what ifs. What if they get out of the yard, or what if he can't get them back in the coop, what if the big girls gang up on the littles too much etc. On the other hand, I feel bad leaving them in their tractor and my older girls in their dog crate (they sleep in there until we can integrate them with the babies. They need to learn to play nice first!) all weekend.

    What do you do when you go out of town? Do you keep your normal routine or do you put them in lock down? [​IMG]
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    if its only for a few days i keep them in lock down they do get over it and are ecstatic when you come home and let them out. also it takes the chance of what ifs. you wont be away all weekend worrying.
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    When I have to be gone for the weekend I leave mine in the coop, as I have no run for them yet. It is almost big enough. I did add another roost and opened up the broody box so they would have as much room as possible. Made sure the large waterers were full and plenty of food. Not ideal and not for more that a long weekend.

    I think since you still have to use a dog kennel you should let them free range during the day and a dusk have your neighbor close them up. There is always risk. But, lower than leaving them in a kennel all day.
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    We are very lucky to have found a pet sitter who has chickens of her own. Truly, non chicken owners do not have any idea of all the pitfalls chickens can encounter. I would look on the message boards at your local feed stores or ask around at the pet stores for pet sitter recommendations. My husband and I joke that it costs us more for our animals well-being than the hotel room when we are out of town. Also, I would leave them in and let them be mad a day or two if your neighbor is not very experienced. Being in a neighborhood does not always mean safety...our church in the middle of town had a black bear wander into the parking lot and hang out during the day two weeks ago. It is surrrounded by housing developments...where did he live? Makes you paranoid!
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    Thanks! Maybe I'll just have him let the older ones out and keep them confined to part of the yard. I know the babies will be just fine in their tractor, they are just dramatic! lol!
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    are you going to blame the pet sitter if something happens to them out and about? Cause sometimes it does, even under expereienced keepers.

    I just got back from two and 1/2 days, I put out double the feed, under protection so if does not get wet if it rains, waterers are filled to the top. I leave the pop up door open, and while mine were happy to see me this morning, they were all safe and sound inside their run/coop.

    If I am gone for more days, I get someone to come and check on the water and feed, but I don't let them out. They would feel terrible if something happened and not want to help again.

  9. speckledegg

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    Jun 2, 2011
    W. WA
    Noooo! I would never blame the sitter for doing something that I asked him to do. Now, if he didn't lock them back up at night and they got eaten by a racoon...well, that's a different story! I think I will keep them in their tractor and maybe let the big girls out in our smaller yard for just a couple of hours. Glad to hear it's not animal torture if they don't get let out everyday on the rare occasion! lol!
  10. AlienChick

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    We built a little enclosed, secured run onto our coop for exactly this reason.

    We do go off a lot on weekend trips, and I just do not want to burden (or trust) non-chicken-owner neighbors to come let my chickens out and put them away.

    (I have 23 chickens and 4 guineas)

    I put triple the amount of food/water in the coop and run and lock 'em in.

    As soon as I return home, I let 'em all out. Boy do they ever get EXCITED to see me return home and let them out!!!!



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