Going to buy first chickens tomorrow morning. Hoping to learn and teach grandkids bout raising them

We have neighbors that have chickens. So we are going to get all the stuff in morning that they said we would need to get started. So I belive we will have the chicks in garage in a pine shaving lined tub to start with heat lamp, new feeder and water from local fed store/mill. We’re gett 6 Rhode Island reds? Hope I’m spelling it right, and introduce them Sunday to the grandbabies. We’re going to build them a place in next week or two looking at different coops now we’re told it’s 5 square feet per chicken?
Rhode Island Reds are one of my favorites! Make sure you get sexed pullets and not "straight run" chicks.
Also have you read about the Mareks vaccine?

As far as housing goes... think of roost room first. About 8-10" of roost bar per chicken should do. A 5' roost should be good for your chickens.
Having more is better than less. Two different heights for roosting options helps when there are pecking order related disputes.

6 chickens will be adequately housed in a 4'x4' coop, as long as there is some way for them to access a run or outside pen. Run/pen minimum 6'x10' or 8'x8' or something to that effect (10sqft per bird min. More is better)

More room means less poop build up over time, you can get away with cleaning less often ... Less squabbling/confrontation.
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