Going to see Alice in Wonderland tomorrow!


11 Years
Nov 6, 2008
Southwestern PA
Lol I'm a dork, but I am so excited! It looks like it is going to be very cool especially since it is in 3D.
I WAS going to take my kids to see it this weekend until my daughter mouthed off to a teacher and got in trouble... Now I guess I'll wait
I want to see it, but it looks like such a different movie...it looks kinda silly to me because all the characters look so funny and random.
Kinda like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", only Alice in Wonderland is more silly and different.

Have fun!
How funny - I'm really surprised so many people want to see it! I have to admit, I NEVER liked the story of Alice in Wonderland, even as a kid. And I've never liked Tim Burton's stuff (preferred the original Charlie & the Chocolate factory to his version by FAR). Plus, I hate 3-D movies. So when DSD told DH she wanted him to take her to see it, I was VERY happy to let them go by themselves (tomorrow). I guess I just thought there were more people who thought like me and less like DSD but guess I was wrong....
There is allot of unknown insight about that original movie. The writer's mother in law was the most powerful women on wall street. She was known as the "Wicked Witch of Wall Street". Every character in that story represents members of American society. Dorothy being the innocence of America. It gets very in depth. ...Whats the witches favorite saying?... It's, "I'll get you Derry, I'll get all of you" ...Wall Street sure has managed to get us!....... The book(movie) is so much more interesting knowing there's a story behind the story.(just like most fairy tales or fables)

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