going to set eggs on june 4

java girl 2

8 Years
May 17, 2011
Hey you all, I am going to set eggs on or arund june 4.
If anyone likes they can come along as well!!
the more the marry!! please tell us how many eggs you will set, If it is by a broody hen or a bater and please post pic's!!
OH, it can be any kind eggs or hens!! can not wait to see who come in here for the fun!!
I just set eggs today 6 mix breed eggs cochin/wyandotte/barred rock/road island red not sure who laid the eggs but it could be any of the above, then 3 buff orpington eggs and 3 ameraucauna eggs temp is good at 100.3 humidity is at 43% my incubator is a little giant forced air with a turner.

Can't wait to see what hatches!!
I can't wait to see if they hatch I tried to candle them when I got them but all the eggs are brown except for the EE eggs and they are neon green. I can't see through any of them so it will be cool to see if I can see better at 10 days once they start developing.
I use a bright flashlight that is small and cup my hands around where the light is so that it shines through the egg. Not really sure what to look for early on but as they develop you can see the veins and the air cell gets bigger and towards lockdown you can actually see the baby move it is super cool.
if they are very dark eggs like my eggs are,
you will need to wait 2 weeks before you can see them

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