Going to take the girls for a ride in the car


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11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
South Puget Sound
I got chickens last May and my 92 year old grandmother has never seen them! I'm going to take my favorite, Gwen, and our banty cochin over to visit her today.
I think she'll like it: her mother always had urban chickens (it wasn't a novelty in the 1920s) and my grandma says I'm a lot like her mother.
That sounds so nice, Jenn. My Grandmother is oabout four hours away, or 'd do like you. I last saw her about a month ago at her big sister's 100th birthday party!
UPDATE - I decided to take just Tribble, my banty cochin. She loved my grandma's kitchen, and ate a good deal of cat food. She (the chook) napped in the car on the way home. I could just imagine her rubbing her tummy and going: "aaahhhh".

My grandma thought Tribble was very cute, and told me all about the racing pigeons and banties her brother kept as a teen. Her mom always had a flock of about 10 chickens, and they didn't eat any. I can't figure that one out and would be willing to bet they did eat them, just that Grandma didn't realize it.

My grandma can be a really negative person, so taking a prop to start discussions is really useful!

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