Going up and down steps


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Nov 30, 2020
We've got a pond hastily created around raised flower beds, about 16" high and 4' square, with three blocks of wood stacked up as steps.

Recently the two girls have been in the pond all day flirting while the big doofus just parps at them from outside, haven't seen him in there in weeks, we think he's either gay or stupid. The thought of him playing hard to get is far too much, he's not the brightest animal I have had.

But what we have noticed is that the girls [not Mr Doofus] hop up like penguins, two feet at a time, though they can't do it coming down! Indian Runners do look a bit penguiny with their hands in their pockets but I don't recall ever seeing ducks hopping before.
Mine do this to hop in their coop. The big ducks will eventually figure out how to use the stairs. I had one that ran around the outside for a month before finally figuring out how to get in.
Oh no he knows how to get in, he was the first one in as a duckling [when he was female!] but he stands right next to them on the outside. He's not too bright, the girls throw themselves at him and he just waddles around loving all the attention :)

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