Golden Boy passed the test.

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    I have a 7-month old Buff Rock cockerel. (He is one of two that I have) Last night I was out a the coop a little before their going - in time, but figured I'd lock them in as long as I was down there. So, as I was "herding" them in (I know, it's kind of like herding cats... Every time I'd go to bring in one more stray, the rest would leave the run and follow me back out. I'd have saved time if I'd just waited the 10-15 minutes for them to go in. [​IMG]) Anyway, as I was encouraging them to go in the run, my buff rock cockerel was by the door, as was one of the pullets. I, uh, lifted her in with my foot - no, I didn't kick her - just stuck my foot under her and gave her a boost into the run.Of course she put up a fuss, squawking and begawking. Well, "Golden Boy" (called that because of his lovely color) looked at me, almost took a step in my direction, then noticed me watching him. He didn't move. Squawked a bit, and moved away. This to me is a good sign that he's wanting to protect his harem, but realizing that I am still the boss. He does move toward the dog when he's out there, and "growls" at the dog, but so far keeps out of his way, too.

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    So far so good.
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    Good for him!

    I don't care what I do with/to a hen, the rooster is NOT allowed to mess with me.

    Looks like he's realizing that.

    It's got to be hard for the poor things, they've really hardly any brains at all to work this stuff out.....and around here the learning curve is pretty darn steep.
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    BTDT, Love it....handling a bird who's putting up a fuss, cockbird comes running, kinda eyes you....... can see that tiny brain churning, then realizes ...oh, it's the people queen, OK that's cool.

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