Golden Comet not a strong layer

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    This is my first flock, we got our Golden Comets as day olds on June 1, 2011. They all started laying in late October. We have 5 of them, and we they have had artificial light on a timer in the coop since the days got shorter.
    A month or so ago, one of our hens developed a compacted crop. We got that cleared, but it had turned sour, so we dealt with that also. Her comb & wattles filled back out, brightened up and her energy was back pretty quick. She started laying after about 5 weeks after everything cleared up. But her eggs have very thin pale shells, often crack between the coop & the house- so I've been eating them and the whites are very watery. We'l get an egg from her for 2 or 3 days in a row, then nothing for another day or 2. Hasn't worried us too much, but now I'm wondering if she's just going to not be a strong consistent layer? Her eggs were pale before, and she's either our 'floor layer' or the one that's eggs are disliked by the other hens because we often found hers in the floor.

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    Sad to say, but this isn't unusual. There is often a bird in the flock whose lot in life is to be at the bottom of the pecking order, last to be allowed to eat, lowest on the roost, last to be able to use the nesting box, is weak, fails to thrive in a healthy way.

    This isn't all that unusual. You can only do what you can do for her. From your description, I'd classify her as weak and at the bottom of life's pecking order. Sad. Somehow the other birds detect her genetic weakness and frailty. It is nature's way.
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