Golden Comets (sex linked hybrids) egg laying

Mister B

8 Years
Feb 7, 2013
NW Alabama
I bought some Golden Comet chicks from Meyer last April. They are about 21-22 weeks old. I haven't got any eggs yet, I thought they would start at about 16 weeks. When should I see eggs from them? They seem healthy, eat well, have oyster shell out for them and they have had layer pellets for 2-3 weeks. Any ideas? or just be patient.
I'd be patient. My chicken just laid their first egg yesterday and they are 20 weeks and 3 days old now. I have a Black Star and a Brown Star (sex links). I think it was my Black Star, but it could have been my Brown Star. There is a small possibility that my Australorp laid it but she has a comb a third of the size of my sex links. And her comb is only pink.
Many birds will be laying by 21 weeks, but many more won't. Very few birds will have started laying by 16 weeks. Chickens usually start laying between 5 and 7 months old. Your birds are in the early end of that time range. Since they are Red Sex-Links, which are usually good layers, they should be starting within the next few weeks. But, don't be surprised if they don't start that soon.
My 5 hens laid their first egg starting at 22 weeks and the last "first egg" coming at 26.

16 is possible, but that would be considered pretty early, even in the newer sleek modern sporty hybrid models.
I had a Leghorn that laid at 17 weeks. I was kind of shocked but glad. I have two Golden Comets and I have heard that they lay early. Mine are only 14 weeks though, so not yet.

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