Golden Coturnix, Polish, D'Anvers, Cochins! in MA


11 Years
Sep 29, 2008
Tarboro, NC

polish babies!

All are bantams unless stated
all approx 4-6 weeks

2 Black Cochin – 1 pullet and 1 cockerel (green eyes!)
1 Quail Antwerp D’Anvers pullet
1 Golden Laced/penciled Cochin pullet
1 standard dark brahma cockerel- unusual color 3 months- big!
2 Bob-white young adults, normal male & Tenn Red hen $15 both
1 male red breasted button quail 4 months, few others may be avail. I have whites!

New chicks 6/11:
2 Buff laced, 1 white Polish, pullets
1 White crested blue Polish Pullet
1 Silver laced Polish cockerel

New chicks 6/16
6 golden coturnix chicks! 1 tuxedo chick too! Cute and make great pets!

I also have a few horses for sale and other items:

2007 homozygous black few spot leopard miniature appaloosa 2 yr old colt. Heavy Falabella bloodlines. Refined! 34" $2500 or lease avail.
2008 ASPC dark grey with white wavy mane and tail, two hind sox, refinement plus, sweet! Is already 41" so should be good riding size. $950 Top bloodlines.

Pony sized never used Beta black harness with stainless hardwear including pads for saddle and breastplate that is removeable and also black. Don't have the driving mare that this was purchased for anymore. $300 (less than what I paid) can ship continental USA for $25

Used but referbished easy entry metal cart, black with red. Fits average 32" mini. $250

2 yr old registered AKC English Bulldog. Friendly, sweet, eager, puppy training, socialized, obedience plus. Non- aggressive, plays with other dogs, loves children. Was planning to breed bulldogs but a change of direction has me looking to place him with another family or person. White with spots. $1000 (paid 2400!) full registration.

18" general purpose new close contact saddle. Brown, just cleaned, conditioned and waterproofed. All leather. Never used. Nice second saddle. $125 med to wide tree.

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