Golden Coturnix


10 Years
Mar 26, 2009
Do Goldens get as big as Jumbo browns.... I guess I should say can they with good breeding?

Does anyone sell golden eggs?
My goldens are actually larger than my browns. They're supposed to get up to 12oz.
They were 3oz by three weeks, and growing like crazy. I got mine from Byrdj.
The browns are jumbo as well, just not quite as jumbo as the goldens, lol. They weren't too far off from the goldens, but they are definately smaller. Maybe they will catch up by the time they hit maturity, but I'm not holding my breath on that. The goldens hatched much larger than the browns.
Did you get your browns from BYRDJ also?

Yes, they were all from Byrdj. Just remember that two golden genes are fatal. So, if you breed golden to golden, you'll loose 25% of your eggs simply due to the double golden gene, so you'll still loose whatever else you'll loose for whatever other reasons.
Fatal genes in Goldens?

That sucks. Did anybody try to breed Jumbos just for size regardless of color?

Meaning selectively breed just largest birds whatever color they are?

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