Golden Cuckoo Maran rooster chick very sluggish. Might not make it today.


7 Years
Mar 2, 2013
Hey guys! Today I woke up and went to check on the chicks. Their water had some shavings in it(graduating them to nipple drinkers) in a few days, and their food was low. They eat like pigs! They will 5 weeks old Monday. Anyway, one chick looks sluggish. He moves very slowly around, and if he is laying down and I touch him, he takes a few moments to respond and get up, unlike the others. It is like he is in slow motion. When he lays down, a wings droops and he slowly eases himself onto his side, with his feet in front of him. He did eat a few minutes ago, but very slowly.

I can't really explain what could be wrong..I clean their wood shavings every other day, their water and food at least 4 times a day, and they are on medicated starter. The only think I could think of is that the wood shavings were in a smaller size, and the color was slightly off, when we bought it. I gave itas their bedding the day before yesterday.

I hope I can cure him. The other chicks seem great, and he walks normally. Just a little slower, and he seems a little less responsive.

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