Golfball is saved - Yes!!!


13 Years
Jul 9, 2009
Golfball was named as it was a diminutive chick - hatched by Julia one of my precious Muscovy girls... it was a chicken but Julia was proud of her achievement and didn't seem to mind that it cheeped rather than quacked.. after a week or so Julia got bored with the hyperactive monster she had hatched - she went outside to see Elvis and her other Muscovy companions - golfball meanwhile had introduced itself to the other chicks that Maman Silkie had hatched in April 2010.... hoping that Golfball was a female (it was extremely friendy) we watched it's development with Maman Silkie - arggghhhh... it started to crow....!

This Saturday ( demise day for Golfball and the other handsome looking male from the same hatch ) dawned heavily... Golfball deserved a life and our saviour arrived.... a friend had all of his chickens killed by a fox - Golfball and three females have gone to a new home... I am so happy for him - he lives on! The other male is still with us... for now - although I have seven males at the moment - doesn't it hurt you when you have too many males???

What is one to do???

Good luck Golfball - you are one VERY special Rooster!!! Have a happy long life.. we will see you soon in your new home..... Love Suzie
I am desperately looking for pictures of Golfball when he was young - will post if and when I find one - he is one handsome Rooster now - mainly white with a black tail and a little black on his back and chest.... I am so happy for him... will be seeing him soon in his new home!

Happy Suzie today

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