Gone all day, baby chicks??!?! Also, integrating???? HELP


9 Years
Aug 1, 2010
Mount Vernon, WA
so im wondering if i should get chicks. I only have one hen now and my rooster is in dire need of more hens, Shelly too! So im wondering, with me being gone from 7am to 5pm could i still get chicks? They would be in a predator proof area with food and water, and people would check on them a few times a day.. Is this okay? I am also wondering about integrating... Im thinking, will i be able to put my chicks out at a couple weeks old (all feathered of course) When they are just a wee bit smaller than my batnam hen? She is really nice and it around 6 months old.. Im worried about my EE rooster though... he is a bully! We are able to separate our run, but not our coop and im not able to build another one.. What do i do???
that should work but the rooster...
you can also by pullets from certain breeders too.
I would put them in a brooder with heat, food and water. I would NOT recommend to put them with full sized hen and a Roo. Brooder is the way to go if you do not have a broody Hen. I would consider giving away your Rooster to a responsible person. I hope this helps!


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