Gone Without a Trace

What do you think happened to her?

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Jesus Loves You
May 25, 2020
Western Washington
Today, my beloved Silkie, Boba, disappeared. This is basically what happened: It was a snowy day and I let my chickens out to free-range. After a while, it began to grow dark, so I headed inside to get a treat to call the hens inside the coop. I suddenly heard the most horrible squawking from a chicken, it had Boba’s high pitched voice, like a hen screaming for her life. The cries grew more desperate as I ran outside, and I heard the cries growing farther away. Then I heard one last, fearful squawk, and all was quiet. My other hens are okay, they had scattered, but are now in their coop, and I searched everywhere for Boba, but no sign. There weren't any feathers, no trace of anything...she’s just...gone. I’m worried from that terrible call I might have been too late. That I might have lost my precious baby to a predator. She was almost a year old. It’s dark now, and this is her first snow she’s experienced, so I’m worried that if she is still alive, she’ll die from the cold, as she’s not very good with the cold. But my biggest question is...do you think my little girl is gone?
Sadly it sounds as if she was taken by a predator. Be on high alert for it will return now that it has located your flock.
Thank you for your input. I was afraid that was the case. I will definitely be on high alert and watch my flock carefully now. I’m so devastated, Boba was my sweetest little hen, she was always happy to jump up to say hi. I’ll miss her so much. :hit
She is mostly likely gone. I am sorry for your loss. You will need to keep your chicken tight for a while, Don't let them out if you aren't outside to supervise, because the predator will be back.
I am so sorry for your loss.
You may not want to let them free range. Some predators will swoop down right next to you without fear to get a chicken and you don't even hear it coming.
I am so sorry.
Thank you, both of you, for your kind words. I am going to stop free-ranging them for now. I keep making the same mistake. Free-range them, leave for a second, and then...the ones I love are gone. :( But I’m going to try harder, and do my best to resist their pleading looks to free-range, but rather give them as much love without them being free.
Predators are fast. I ounce when in of 5 minuet and left my favorite 3 ducks sitting on a hill in our grass. Cam out, our drake is running around looking for the other female. Mommy duck was still sitting there looking confused. I ran to the other side of the yard to get help, (took me exactly 3 seconds to run over there with my back turned. Look back, Momma Duck is gone, only the drake is left. Try to build them a mobile run. You can move it around so they get new territory now and then. They can be very simple to.
What I was going to say has been said already, so I won't repeat it.
I am so sorry that you lost her, Starburst. Condolences and hugs. :hugs
Good luck with your others -- I hope that you don't lose any more, and that you can deal with whatever took Boba.
To me, it sounds rather like a fox or something grabbed her. Keep an eye out, and best of luck.
Do they have a run? I have lost so many hens to free ranging. A run, mobile if possible, (that is my flaw in my run! You won't regret it!) That is predator proof enough so nothing will get to them easily. Hope this helps, Avery
Yes, I do have a run, it’s about 800 square ft, a little less, for my eight (It’s seven now, I guess. :() hens. Despite the large size, I couldn’t resist letting them be free.

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