Good Aunties...

The Red Rooster

Poultry Observer
8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
Rapid City, South Dakota
The funnest thing happened the other day when I was watching the chickens.

Two of the little chicks started fighting in the pen. They kept fighting for a long time before Auntie (my BR hen) walked right up to the two little chicks, and pecked one of them on the head! That broke up the fight right away.

It reminds me of an aunt that stops two kids from fighting.

The best thing in the word is a good auntie!



8 Years
Jun 6, 2011
Hugging a Chicken

My barred rock does that too! I have 2 buff orpingtons, one's half blind and the other will pick on the blind one.... so whenever there is commotion, Gloria (barred rock) will come marching through it and scare Nellie (buff orp who picks on blind one) away, then will comfort Penny (semi-blind buff orp)
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