Good breed to mix with RIR?

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    I have 10 Rhode Island Reds that will hit their first year in April. I'd like to add a 1/2 dozen new pullets to the mix this coming spring, doing a slow introduction of the new birds, etc. My desire is to switch to a new breed just to make it easier to tell them apart. My current group are almost identical--I've named them Blackie (black collar), Whitey (lighter shade of red) and Red #3- Red #10. They've been hardy birds and free range on our 3 acres.
    I've been happy with these 10 (purchased as "red pullets" from TSC about a week old). I guess I could leg band them to tell them

    They're pets second, egg providers first and yes, some day, when they're well past laying, destined for the stew pot. I'd like something that could fit the bill of egg layers first and meat birds second that would integrate well with the temperment of RIRs

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    I am hatching some Reds (TSC "Production" Reds) mixed with Buff Orpington's, just because my BO hen was so sweet and friendly. I can't seem to find info on the outcomes of this genetic mix, but what I'm hoping for ideally is: a) More friendly like BO, and b) Larger eggs like RIR. I imagine since they are a hybrid it will be random, but I like both breeds, so that's fine.
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    Sounds like what you have are more likely to be Production Reds - photos of your birds would help to narrow down the actual breed (there are I believe 4-5 different "red" breeds who were represented in the "red pullet" bins at TSC) - but most hatchery "RIR" are actually PR.
    As for a new breed - any of the dual purpose breeds would be right up the alley of what you are looking for - when you say they are pets second, do you want them to be friendly and "pet like" or do you not particularly care if they are overly friendly?
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    Thanks for the help. They could be PR's; I'm no expert.
    I don't care if they're overly friendly. I'm more concerned with them being a good match for what I have. Although I worked with these some and handled them when they were chicks, they don't like to be picked up. They'll come up to me and let me get close, but stay just out of reach if I slowly reach out to them.

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    Picked up 3 black sex-linked and 3 Wyandotte chicks last week. They're cute buggers. Planning the integration party. it'll be quite awhile, though, before that happens.

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