Good Morning From Virginia

Larry Conner

6 Years
Sep 29, 2013
Portsmouth, Virginia
Good morning...My name is Larry I live in VA with my lovely wife and 2 daughters. I have recently developed interest in raising my own chickens as pets/egg layers.

I plan to build my own coop, I am challenging myself to build it with as much "recycled" material as possible. My goal is to spend little to nothing to build it but still have a very durable, functional unit. Anyone that knows me knows that i am normally a go out and buy it type yes...this is a task for me.

I have done a bit of reading and have somewhat narrowed down which chicks I am interested in but research continues in that area.
Any help in this area is much appreciated.

Have a good day everyone.


10 Years
Jun 21, 2009

Just showing you my coops made completely from repurposed pallets - even the nails were straightened and reused. We spent $5 on oops paint from Home depot but also got a $5 reward from the paint company for buying their paint. I get buckets from Bakeries (frosting buckets with lids) free and make them into feeders, storage units, waterers and nest boxes. I sell my extra eggs to my husbands coworkers and that covers the cost of my feed, hay, and pine shavings.

It is definitely do able.
Glad you joined us and look forward to reading your posts
Caroline from Florida


8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
Hi and :welcome

Best of luck with building your coop - sounds like a big task but very interesting too! That's awesome if you're using recycled materials.

Enjoy the site :D

Teri Metcalf

6 Years
Aug 22, 2013
College Station, Texas
Greetings from College Station, Texas. When we first got our own chicks, my husband built a henhouse almost entirely from recycled materials. I think he bought a few things from the Habitat store, but not much. When he finished he painted it with leftover gray house paint, so it kind of matches our house. Actually if it had a crescent moon carved into the side, it would look just like an outhouse. But the chickens don't care, and they're happy to provide us with a few eggs each day in the henhouse.

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