Good rooster to Free Home near Alexandria, VA


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9 Years
May 10, 2010
I've finally got my hens outside in their new coop, and they seem to love it...
But it's time for my rooster to go.
Chickens are illegal in my town (alexandria, va), and now that they're outside, i've really got to keep them on the QT. I need a new home for my 7 week old black Japanese bantam rooster because he's starting to crow. He's the sweetest thing, and loves to sit on your lap and be petted. I'm letting his 'best friend', a black Japanese hen go with him. They are always together, and i don't want him to be freaked out.
If anyone in my area wants 2 sweet chickens, please let me know. But they must be kept as pets. No frying pans for these two, please.

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