Good Shepard Barred Plymouth Rock chicks


9 Years
May 26, 2011
I have 18 Good Shepard line Barred Rocks, hatched April 20, going on 3 weeks old. I selected the largest and best cockerels (pictured) out of many that I raised last year and bred back to my original hens (pictured). Excuse the condition of my hens, they have been in the breeding pen for months. Also pictured are some week-old chicks. Price is $10 per chick plus shipping and box. Right now they are still small enough to fit about 6 in a box. They can also be picked up here. They have been started on certified organic feed.
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Thanks for looking.
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Hi i have some questions about your chicks and I'm just looking for now. Are there any left? Do they need to be expressed mailed? Are these NIPI tested?
Hi, it is too late now to ship these are newly hatched chicks. I could ship some started birds. PM me if interested. Started birds would need to be sent Express. They are decent layers, but not like hatchery egg-a-day birds. It is NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Program), not NIPI
and no, I am not, Arizona does not have a NPIP program so no choice.
My chicks arrived today happy and healthy! That was quicker than I expected! I can't wait to watch them grow up :)
I can't believe they are 6 weeks old now! they are out in a big pen now, out exploring having fun. we love them. thanks so much! I don't know how you guessed it, but I think we got four girls and 4 boys. perfect!

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