Good tips that you use to keep chickens cool in the summer when it is 100°



May 21, 2021
Detroit, Texas
It is 1:12 a.m. 81° feels like 89° as I take stylus in hand to write this.
I'm dreading the 100° temperature Sunday 6/12/22.
"I have to create and work with what I have on hand laying around the farm."
In Texas where I live, it is supposed to be 3° hotter than it was Saturday. I'm expecting the temperature humidity index to be more intense (115-119°) possibly. I will be checking on my birds every hour. Spread the chicken love. Add your experience (or ask questions) Thank you for tuning in.


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My coops and runs get shade from close by trees. When the temperatures soar I let the chickens out to free range earlier in the day. They usually gather in the shade of a large bush in the yard and spend a lot of time dust bathing. I keep their water fresh and in the shade, in an attempt to keep it cooler. I also offer vegetables with a lot of water content.
I also live in Texas, we're under heat advisory right now. It will go up to 103F today. My chickens keep under the bushes, their run is shaded and I lightly water the sand inside so they can bathe in cool damp sand. I give them water with electrolytes. Their waterers are also placed in the shade. In the heat of the day, I spray cool water outside on the grass so they can walk on wet grass to cool their feet. If only I could convince them to get in the pans with water to cool their feet which helps a lot but only few do that.
75 now. Feels almost 90, humidity at almost 100%. Dewpoint is 74+, which was the overnight low. Today's high should be 91, humidity is expected to drop to 76%, with a "feels like" of 104. Depending on when the TStorms roll in, Wednesday could have feels likes in the 110-118 range (just a tiny change in humidity makes a huge difference at 95F), they are currently forecasting "feels like 108" for the afternoon.

Plenty of shade. Natural is superior to artificial, but they have plenty of both. Dust bathing in the world's largest heat sink (the ear, a few inches down, is cooler than the surface by a good margin). Lots of fresh cool water to drink, very limited activity. Pray for a breeze - passive ventilation in both coops.

We can't add moisture, for obvious reasons.
I've been storing jugs of water in the fridge to give in the hottest parts of the day,

mine love frozen blueberries and frozen watermelon (I got a deal at the grocery store for several personal size for $1 each so I froze them in halves) They like to stand on them too. 😂

I run misters and fans which misters obviously isn't ideal in already humid areas.

I also plan to purchase a kiddie pool sometime this week and see if they are willing to dip their feet, probably not but worth a shot. 😂

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