Good trades/pricing questions


Aug 17, 2020
Dont know if this is the right thread but I am going to my first poultry swap and have a few questions.

T/p= trade or price

What is a good t/p for a 1 year old Easter egger x jersy giant rooster

What is a good t/p for breeding pair of pure bred SLWs

Good t/p for 12 week old sapphire splash x easter egger rooster

Good t/p for 2 6 week old sapphire splash x SLW unsexed bonded pair

Birdie mom

Mar 27, 2020
Carlisle PA (But my chicks are in NC)
For the mixed breed roos, I would charge the same amount for a rotisserie chicken. (ppl mostly buy roos for meat)
You can charge up to $20 for a good laying hen, but less for a pure breed rooster.
TSC sells chicks for $3-5, so maybe a little more for older chicks.

It really all depends on how much you want to get, and who wants to buy it.

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