Goodbye to a great friend


9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
Washington, NC
Its been four days now, so I am calling it a loss. more than likely to a hawk.

Her name was "Santas Little Helper", (she hatched on Christmas Day 2010) but I called her Lil'bit. She was in my very first hatch out, there were 2 others that hatched the day before (Christmas Eve), thats probably how her egg got crushed. I noticed it was stepped on in the morning, I looked at it and put it back hoping that she could get out on her own, I waited till around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon before I interviened. (she was under a broody)... here are the pics;

Here is when I started helping her out.. I didn't really know what I was doing, I used my pocket knife to gently chip off the shell.



It was a wonderful feeling, a mix of anxiety, fear, wonder, and happiness all rolled up into one. Seeing her come out of that egg, and watching Bugsy (the broody) welcome her warmly to the family was the best thing I could ask for that cold Christmas day.
Here she is all dried off.

I made sure to go say hello to her every time I went to the coop, and before long she was my best buddy, she would fly up on my shoulder while I did my chores, or follow me around like a little puppy. She was however an escape artist... she would somehow get out of the coop and run, and come help me with my other chores around the yard. here she is helping me with some electrical work I was doing... Could you pass me the chicken wrench please?

But, sadly, her escape abilities are what led to her loss =( It has been 4 days since I saw her now... and the Hawks that live nearby have stopped showing up. so I assume it was them that took her from me. She will always have a special place in my heart that is just for her.

Sorry for rambling, I just needed to remember my lil' buddy.
How difficult to lose one like that even more so since you helped her out of her shell. Sorry.

On the other hand maybe she's gone broody and is well hidden.....
I have looked everywhere, but you could be right... She has never went off before, never left the yard. but if she does come back with some chicks, I would be the happiest person in a 3 state radius.
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