Goose Behavior: Did He Bond/Choose Me?


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
Spebastian today has been more attentive to me per say, he follows me and when I talk to him he stretches his neck out looking up at me and does a soft whimper type of sound, and when I start to walk away he will walk /follow me, or honk for me. But I just let him inside and started talking to him again, and I went down to his level and then sat on my knees, and he walked up to me and climbed on my lap and threw his neck over my shoulder mouthing me and my neck, with a bit of a little vibration shake to his head, which I'm assuming is a mating behavior? I was really hoping he would bond to me rather then my boys since I will be the one feeding/cleaning and putting on his diaper, so I want him to trust me. But I thought it was so precious how he just climbed on my lap and threw his neck/head over my shoulder as if he was giving me a hug. He does like hanging out with the ducks, he hasn't bonded to any of them in this manner. But I thought that was the coolest thing ever having a goose just walk up onto my lap and hug me!! I know in goose language it wasn't a hug, but still. I am SO IN LOVE with the Sebastopol breed! Olive Hill, he is the best!! I can't thank you enough for allowing me to have him!! The LONG STRAIGHT BORING trip was so worth it!!
Hug, choice of mate, either way I LOVE IT!!
What an amazing story to read! I wish mine did the same thing with me but they are too aloof.... all they want me for is food, water and night shelter... ah well, I can dream can't I? I did bring them up as goslings but they had a guardian "Boss" to be their mentor...

I'm not so sure it's mating behavior. I did have geese in my former flock that did exactly that -- well, the hug, nibble, and tremble. They waited for me to bend down and didnt climb in my lap.

Those same geese bred naturally though, and produced goslings. And it wasn't only me they would "hug" but my daughter as well.

Mating behavior, as I have seen, is more reliably someone standing near a bucket of water or floating in a pool, and beginning to dip their heads in the water and raise them back up quickly. I can't describe it actually, but once you see it you will know.
. It's like a dance, usually the gander starts, and he often spreads and flaps his wings as well. The goose joins in, but I think that's an agreement on her part and the gander generally proceeds pretty quickly as soon as she does. She may not dip, in fact, but often the gander will try to mount anyway. If two ganders are doing it, a fight usually erupts quickly.

That's been pretty consistent among my two flocks, and I've seen ducks act in a similar manner, though with a less ritualized feel to the dipping part. Those long goose necks are well suited to it.

The fact is, though, that he accepts you and trusts you. I think I was more mama to my geese that behaved that way, and they were much calmer and sweeter as a flock (Africans and Chinese) than my current flock (Emdens, Toulouse, and a Pilgrim pair). I think my first flock was very atypical. Pilgrims are supposed to bs sweeter than Africans.

Sounds like you have a nice goose. I love Sebbies ... Maybe I can afford a nice pair someday.
I was able to get him for $15 from someone who was trying to rehome him. So I couldn't refuse, I thought of a goose over the summer, and now that I have him and my ducks, I think I now know which I prefer the most. I love my ducks, but even though they were incubated and hatched by me, they are still skittish and run from me, this goose who is a newbie, already acts towards me as if I am his momma/mate. He didn't do the dipping or anything, just walked up to me, on my lap and hugged me. He does sleep with the ducks and gets along well, and he likes to be with him, but when he's in the house, and he can't see me.......HONK!!!! Until he hears my voice or sees me. Oh I can't wait until that goose diaper gets here. Then he and I can truly bond!
Well, he was crying for me and I went and sat on my knees again and called him to come to me and patted my lap and he climbed on my lap and started mouthing me, can't say it hurt but is this his way of grooming me?
I've seen them do the neck curl and was told that it's flirting. Also, nibbling seems to be playful, too. I've heard that geese often like to explore things with their mouths and bills. As long as it's not hard or bruising you, it probably means he likes you.

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