Goose biting


12 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Lucerne Valley, CA
I'm trying to raise my goslings to prevent aggression and biting. I hold them as often as I can. Does anyone have more advice on what to do with them? What happens when they do bite you? What should you do? I heard one person say that you should hold them on their back.
Are they really biting you, or just nibbling buttons, zippers, shiny metal parts on your clothes?

My geese have never bitten me, but even now, at 1 year old, they love to chew and explore my clothes, shoelaces, zipper pulls, etc. and have done so since they were tiny. Geese explore things with their bills. They love to chew on anything, and shiny things are really attractive. (I never wear my watch, wedding ring, necklaces, or earrings when I'm with them.)

As long as they have imprinted on you and you never tease them (not saying you would) or let anyone else tease them you should be able to avoid aggression or biting issues. Always talk to them when you are walking up to them. They'll know your voice and recognize you. Move slowly, respect their space as they get older and always talk to them. The ONLY time my gander was aggressive towards me was this spring, early breeding seaon, I had completely lost my voice. I couldn't annouce myself and he went for me. After I croaked out his name, he quit. I now make sure I always announce myself, even if it's just a whisper.

Just remember that when it comes breeding time, you do need to take some extra care in case you have a gander who is protective of his goose, a nesting goose can be protective too and if they have babies, both will be protective of their goslings.

Enjoy your goslings!. Geese are wonderful, full of personality and can be quite intelligent too. They grow up really fast, so enjoy these days while you can still cuddle them.
No, they haven't bit me. I'm just trying to make sure they never do! For example, I have no problems with my horses biting because I took a lot of care to prevent the problem from ever developing when the horses were young. I just want to make sure I do things right. You're advice about announcing yourself is good. And I'll make sure I never tease them

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