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Discussion in 'Geese' started by dennin7418, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Hello All,
    I'd like to add some geese to my flock of 9 ducks (may be more in the spring) but have some basic questions...

    1. I'm going to get as day or two old long must they stay in the brooder?
    2. Are they as messy as ducks and do they require water for swimming?
    3. I'd like to free range them...will they stay close to their night pen and hut or are they going to wander off...they have about 2 acres to roam, no busy streets around but some dogs that may take interest if they go to far...

    Also any other information you feel I need would be great.

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    just buy books and read up on them.Thats what I do. I was thinkinerin of tinkerin with toulouse geese when I had ducks,kind of like a flock protector,but sold the ducks so no geese dream come true.
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    Goslings need heat just like ducks do for brooding. However goslings should be allowed outside as soon as your weather permits to graze on grass during the day.

    Here we place all goslings outside in day pens at 3 days of age and older with food and water so they can eat all the grass they want. This encourages healthy growth in the goslings as well. They are kept in fenced areas with plenty of over head protection until they are as large or just larger than our largest ducks. They need to be provided a safe place from predators. So they are out in the morning and put back inside at night where they have a safe place to sleep.

    geese are selective grazers and will roam the available space during the day (once grown and allowed to free range)

    • Geese NEED to free range and graze as it is 90% of their diet
    • Geese will NOT guard your chickens
    • 2 ganders and 2 geese can live together just as happily as 1 gander and 1 goose
    • Geese do not require a large in ground pond, kiddie pools work well too
    • They only lay a small number of eggs during a limited breeding season each year (typically spring in most areas)





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