Goose eggs under Muscovy duck, help!


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
One of our muscovies has sat on three goose eggs for about 30 days (Norwegian white goose). 26 hours ago, I heard piping and breathing, so I moved the eggs indoors in a box whit a heating lamp above. The muscovy has not done anything to moist the eggs, so I don`t trust the goslings to be able to break through the shell. I guess she is programmed for duck eggs, cause today she is swimming to moisten her own eggs.
We placed the goose eggs under the duck just to see if they could develope under same conditions as duck eggs, and yes, they can.
We don`t have neither incubater or hatcher, all of our ducks manage perfectly themselves. What do we do?
We were told to keep the temp at 37`celcius, and moisten the eggs four times a day.
It is **** hard to keep the temp stable, but for now the babies sounds good. They started pecking on the shell couple of hours ago, but because the lack of moisture they`ve had outside, I worry that the membrane and shell will be too hard for them to open at their own...I`ve read many times, but still I`m not sure what to do. There must be limited amount of oxygen in there? how long can I wait before I make a tiny hole for them to breath?
It`s like being a first time mom again.... Hope someone can help
I would have left them under the duck until they hatched and then taken them. I just finished hatching goose eggs in incubator, and is seems that from the time you hear them until they crack their eggs is forever. However they should be cracked by 30th day. I have hatched with Muscovy hens before. They are excellent. I read on here somewhere that it is almost impossible to have too much humidity on the final couple of hatching days for geese. I would mist frequently. A little variation in temp. would be alright as long as babies are in final stages. good luck!
Thanks for answering!
It was because the lack of humidity I took them away from the duck, I still have 5 eggs under a second duck. I`ll leave them there to hatch, I think. We`re not absolutely sure on the days, but I suspect it to be day 31 or 32 today. So afraid they`ll run out of air in there, should I make a little hole where the beak is..? Have never seen an egg hatch before, so I have no idea what to do.
Interresting to hear about your good result with muscovies, but did they take a swim whilst laying on the eggs? Our`s does the last few days, thats why I started worrying siince she didn`t swim to moist the eggs this time.
Sorry if my writing is a bit weird, my practical chicken english hasn`t fully developed yet :)
out of three eggs we got three strong goslings at day 33! Took me all night to get them out, they where stuck in the membrane. It had dried to a hard white shrinked paper.
The yolksack hadn`t been fully absorbed, so I Kept them in the bottom half of the shell until the umilical cord dried up. after a couple of hours the yolk sack was absorbed. It took them another 24 hours to control their legss, but it all turned out really well :)
But today, I`m stuck with another four gooseeggs, the hen left the nest three day ago. Found them cold, placed them in a box under a heating lamp, and amazingly they are still alive! Good movement, expecting them to hatch within 48 ours. At day 33, same as the others.
Promised myself after the first three I`d never do this again, checking the temp every other hour day and night... But just couldn`t leave them to die! zzzzzzzzzzz.......

Good luck with your new family, Fowl menagerie!
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