Goose garlands


Apr 26, 2020
With it being cristmass I thought I would decorate the outside run of our chicken coop with eatable garlands. Then I thought for sure my boys would love some to! My question is. Can geese eat grapes, cranberrys, and unsalted no butter popcorn?. Looked on web but no clear answer! Happy holidays!!!

Goose Garland so far. Just feel like it needs more. So far I have celary, green beans, brussel sprouts, carrots and apple
Mine eat grapes and love them!

I don’t know if geese can eat cranberries but cranberries are a relative of blueberries (Vaccinium) and mine love blueberries.

Plain popcorn doesn’t have any risks as a treat that I can think of but as with the cranberries if you’re unsure it’s best to play it safe and maybe only offer in moderation. Often times with geese if they haven’t seen something before they can be really reluctant to try it so they might not eat them anyway.

Updated goose Garland. Thank you everyone again!

This is what gave me the idea to do garlands if any of you are interested.

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