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7 Years
Sep 14, 2012
Hi evreyone,I need some goose genetics help.I have some heritige piebald auto-sexing geese(ganders white,geese piebald tricolor white,blue and grey).And I am getting some performat hybrid geese.From other breeders who had the hybrids,I know they are extraordinary birds,fast growth,lay twice a year,large size and fast growth etc.I heard they were highly fertile,but the offspring resulted from them were completly infertile.So my question is if the 2 breeds would be crossed(hybrid x heritage) would result geese that are fertile for many generations like the heritige or will be infertile like the ones obtain from hybrids ? I really need your help,my farms future depends on what you say.Thank you guys and gals !

It really depends on what you mean by Heritage Geese (not a UK breed I'm aware of) but assume they must be like Pilgrims in being auto-sexing.

Secondly what Hybrids are you considering? What are the original parent stock?

As your Farm's future depends on your decision I think you need to consider what you're farming for. Is it the meat market, egg production, pure breeds etc. That would then guide my decision into what to keep.

For meat of course.And the hybrids,they probably came from grimaud freres,dont know.
Unfortunately I don't breed for meat so I'm unable to advise from experience but usually the production Embdens are seen as a good breed. They're hardy, pale flesh and the Danish lines were bred for rapid growth and good fertility. I believe they were called the Legarth strain. Also as they're medium to large birds they appeal to the meat market later in the year.

With a keen eye you'll also be able to visually sex the goslings. I have no idea where you mean the Hybrids you saw came from.
They are 2 hybrid types,for foie gras and for meat and here is from where they come from
They can reach up to 12 kilos dressed weight at 1 year,I have a fried who had a gander to grow to that size.They are good fertile birds too but their offspring are sterile.So if crossed with another breed will the offspring be fertile ?
They look like the Embdens (white) I wrote about and Production Toulouse (grey). When crossed they usually produce fertile cross breeds with good laying potential.
Thank you very much.And another question,here are pics with a few of my auto-sexing geese
As you can see the geese have a nice sort of dilute color,but only in females,how I can get that on males too ? Do I have to cross them with a grey gander ?
Oh and the guy who will bring my the hybrid geese told me that the toulouse will look like the ones in this video
and the white ones will be legarths.Cat wait to cross them with my heritige birds.Hopefully I will get a dewlapped tufted gander with that beautifull dilute color.Can this acctually happen ?So again how can I make males have that color too ?
Thanks for help.

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